Data Processing Cycle

Computer hardware is a Platform for information processing cycle

Data Processing Unit

1. User will input the data to be processed by the processor.

2. The storage holds databases, files and programs. The output devices present the processed data as useful information products for the user.


- Input is any data or instructions that we enter into the computer system for processing.

- There are some common ways of feeding input data into the system, which are:

typing on a keyboard

pointing with a mouse

- CPU accepts instruction from the user and translates the instruction into readable information (decode).


- The processing unit controls all activities within the system. For every instruction, the control unit repeats a set of four basic operations called the machine cycle:


- Storage is a location which data, instruction and information are held for future use. Every computer uses storage to hold system software and application software.

- When we issue a command to start the application software, the operating system locates the program in storage and loads it into memory.

- A storage medium, also called secondary storage is the physical material in the computer that keeps data, instruction and information.

- A storage device is the computer hardware that records or retrieves items to and from storage media.


- Output is data that has been processed into a useful form, called information. There are four types of output, which are texts, graphics, audio and video.

- The text consists of characters that are used to create texts, sentences and paragraphs.

- Graphics are digital representations of non text information such as drawings, charts and photographs.

- Audio is music, speech or any other sound. Video consists of images that provide the appearance of full motion.


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Introduction to Computers & Information Technology

Introduction to Computers & Information Technology

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